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Chakra Yoga book by Yogi Dr. Malik

Every living entity in the universe is made of energy. The universe is an ocean of energy and as human beings our cells are charged with energy. Thousands of years ago ancient Yogi Dr.s discovered that the body was indeed a vortex of energy.

Working with energy to improve the strength of the mind, body and spirit can also be found in other ancient traditions including the ancient Egyptian civilization, ancient China, Persia, Japan, and North America. Each tradition has its own unique way of approaching the subject of energy and how to harness its power for personal self development.

The ancient Yogi Dr.s identified seven major energy centres (chakras) inside the body of special significance. Modern research has noted that at each of these centres (as defined by the ancient Yogi Dr.s) there are major glands which regulate our body. According to yoga theory, each chakra governs our emotional states ranging from fear, hate, love and anger.

This book provides an overview of each of the chakras and practical exercises designed to work with these centres generating energy. That energy can be used for improving your health dramatically. Using the secrets of a tradition rooted in antiquity, the book presents an inspiring and refreshing approach to working with your energy centres.

Practical exercises are explained in an easy to follow approach and suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioner of yoga and other fitness disciplines. Step by step instructions together with tips and trouble shooting, this is the definitive guide to understanding the chakras.

Difficult Sanskrit concepts are broken down and offered in a digestible format. The book provides clear advice, tips and troubleshooting with resulting benefits derived from performance of exercises. Generously illustrated by art-work and full colour photography, beautifully designed, the book is a definitive guide to chakra therapy.

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