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KUNDALINI YOGA:  The fusion of art, science and spirituality

Kundalini Yoga book by Yogi Dr. Malik

Yogi Dr. Malik, a foremost authority on Yoga, refreshingly explores the ancient disicipline of Yoga – a holistic approach to the mind-body-spirit and makes the subject accessible for incorporation by you into your contemporary living. 'Kundalini’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Power’.

This style of Yoga has been taught for centuries through word of mouth only in the Indian subcontinent. Jealously guarded by the sages and pundits, Kundalini is known to awaken the psychic serpent energy within and activate seven major energy centres in the body known as the Chakras.

If you want to increase the power of your mind, lose weight, become more energetic, get your body into shape, improve the quality of the brain’s power then this book is for you.

Yogi Dr. Malik explodes the myths surrounding the subject of the Kundalini and reveals ancient secrets to naturally improve the talents of the mind-body-spirit.

Presented in a no nonsense approach - hundreds of exercises and tips are given in this book together with classical yogic philosophy and theory. Colour illustrations throughout, supplemented with key tips step-by-step guidelines on how to perform the exercise properly.

Change your life – love yoga – breathe yoga – get fit, sexy and healthy the natural way.

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