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Laya Yoga

Laya Yoga has its origins in remotest antiquity and has been introduced to the West by Yogi Dr. Malik who learnt the traditions and exercises from Yogi Dr.s in the Himalayan region where he undertook his training.

Laya yoga concentrates on the mind’s capabilities and potentialities.

Malik-Laya yoga combines specific exercises from Hatha, Laya, Kundalini Yoga and Pranayama to raise inner energy.

This style of Yoga combines the beauty of meditation with the practice of sound. He has reshaped the discipline and made it relevant for contemporary living.

At Yoga Vogue, You can learn the art and science of Laya Yoga under the direct supervision of world’s renowned Yogi Dr. Malik, the Master of Kundalini Yoga.

Read more about Laya Yoga by visiting Dr Malik's dedicated Laya Yoga site, www.layayoga.com

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