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Lotus Yoga book by Yogi Dr. Malik

Padmasana is a water lilly and a beautiful flower. For centuries it has been prized not just in the Indian traditions but also by the ancient Egyptians. The lotus flower is symbolic of spirituality and love. It is used in many spiritual traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Yoga and was used by the ancient Egyptians for its mystical and aphrodisiac properties. The lotus flower has been used in aromatheraphy and is edible. Ointments and lotions containing lotus flower have been used for millennia.

The lotus is a symbol also of peace and Buddha, the precious one achieved enlightenment while sitting in the lotus position. Padmasana is the Sanskrit name for lotus. The word padmasana is as famous as the word yoga. Every serious practitioner of yoga will attempt to master this pose. Padmasana has been used in meditation because Yogi Dr.s, sages and lamas have been able to achieve high spiritual states using this pose.

This book covers in depth the history and background of the padmasana and its many different variations. Clear, concise and easy to follow approach with over 30 exercises. Each clearly explained with tips and advice on trouble shooting. The book is generously illustrated with colour photography and helpful background information on yoga, an ancient system of healing with a legacy spanning over 6,000 years.

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