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KUNDALINI YOGA:  The fusion of art, science and spirituality

Yogi Dr. Malik, a foremost authority on Yoga, refreshingly explores the ancient disicipline of Yoga – a holistic approach to the mind-body-spirit and makes the subject accessible for incorporation by you into your contemporary living. ‘Kundalini’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Power’.

This style of Yoga has been taught for centuries through word of mouth only in the Indian subcontinent. Jealously guarded by the sages and pundits, Kundalini is known to awaken the psychic serpent energy within and activate seven major energy centres in the body known as the Chakras.

If you want to increase the power of your mind, lose weight, become more energetic, get your body into shape, improve the quality of the brain’s power then this book is for you.

Yogi Dr. Malik explodes the myths surrounding the subject of the Kundalini and reveals ancient secrets to naturally improve the talents of the mind-body-spirit.

Presented in a no nonsense approach - hundreds of exercises and tips are given in this book together with classical Yogi philosophy and theory. Colour illustrations throughout, supplemented with key tips step-by-step guidelines on how to perform the exercise properly.

Change your life – love yoga – breathe yoga – get fit, sexy and healthy the natural way.

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Every living entity in the universe is made of energy. The universe is an ocean of energy and as human beings our cells are charged with energy. Thousands of years ago ancient Yogi discovered that the body was indeed a vortex of energy.

Working with energy to improve the strength of the mind, body and spirit can also be found in other ancient traditions including the ancient Egyptian civilization, ancient China, Persia, Japan, and North America. Each tradition has its own unique way of approaching the subject of energy and how to harness its power for personal self development.

The ancient Yogi identified seven major energy centres (chakras) inside the body of special significance. Modern research has noted that at each of these centres (as defined by the ancient Yogi) there are major glands which regulate our body. According to yoga theory, each chakra governs our emotional states ranging from fear, hate, love and anger.

This book provides an overview of each of the chakras and practical exercises designed to work with these centres generating energy. That energy can be used for improving your health dramatically. Using the secrets of a tradition rooted in antiquity, the book presents an inspiring and refreshing approach to working with your energy centres.

Practical exercises are explained in an easy to follow approach and suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioner of yoga and other fitness disciplines. Step by step instructions together with tips and trouble shooting, this is the definitive guide to understanding the chakras.

Difficult Sanskrit concepts are broken down and offered in a digestible format. The book provides clear advice, tips and troubleshooting with resulting benefits derived from performance of exercises. Generously illustrated by art-work and full colour photography, beautifully designed, the book is a definitive guide to chakra therapy.

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YOGA IN VOGUE:  Get fit, healthy, sexy the natural way

This book uniquely and comprehensively explores hatha and kundalini yoga exercises which practitioners can incorporate into their lifestyles. With over 100 exercises generously illustrated with colour photography, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in practical yoga exercises. Step by step instructions, together with tips and troubleshooting are given. Full colour photography illustrates each exercise and there is a comprehensive introduction to each asana together with a list of benefits.

Difficult Sanskrit concepts and yoga theory are explained in a clear and concise language. The definitive handbook of hatha and kundalini yoga exercises, covering everything from the practice of asanas (body postures), pranayama (breathing), an exploration of the seven major energy centres (chakras), meditation, aura and background to yoga.

The book is helpfully set out into standing, sitting, body locks, kneeling, spinal, abdominal, hand and arm, standing and head postures. All postures are explained in detail, together with step by step instructions, benefits, tips and trouble shooting.

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The power and effect of sound vibrations (Yogi mantras) have been documented by the ancient Indian classical texts.

This subject was shrouded in secrecy for centuries and passed only through word of mouth. Yoga has withstood the tests of time and is the fastest growing mind-body-spirit discipline in the West. More and more people are selecting this discipline to dramatically improve their health and the power of their mind.

In this book Yogi Dr. Malik uncovers the history, science and art of sound which continues to be used for healing, prevention and curing of disease, increasing the beauty of the human body, for increasing the energy of the mind.

Mantras are special types of sound currents and used in yoga to boost energy. Research shows that practice of yoga may help strengthen the immune system, help improve stamina and concentration levels.

Sound (through word, chant, silent meditation and/or with musical instruments and breath) is the oldest form of communication that mankind has ever known.

Every entity on the planet communicates through sound vibrations and energy. Sound has a direct impact on our psychology. No wonder then that the ancient Yogi incorporated sound into their practice.

Yogi Dr. Malik explains the history and background of this science of sound which is over 6,000 years old. There are different styles of chanting and meditating upon the mantra including naad, kirtan and laya yoga techniques. Here is also the anahata sounds (mystical sounds that can be heard by the inner ear) and Yogi speak of hearing these sounds when in a state of deep ecstasy or samadhi. Patanjali, the ancient Yogi sage and who is credited as being the father of yoga writes in his classical, timeless book, ‘The Yoga Sutras’, that energy can be raised within simply through practice of one mantra ‘om’.

This beautifully illustrated book uncovers the mystery of the Sanskrit mantra and provides a unique and refreshing exploration of this timeless tradition.

The colour, high quality artwork will help you on the journey to inner peace and for balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Chapters cover the different styles of mantra practice including raag, ashtanga, bija, kundalini and the classical favourites including Om and ong. There is an exploration of other spiritual traditions that also use the mantra and plenty of advice, practical exercises and generously illustrated with inspirational artwork.

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Yogi Dr. Malik explores the system of Yogi hand mudras (hand gestures) that can help you get focused, improve concentration and intellectual skills.

Practised for centuries, this science of hand mudras can be found also in ancient Egyptian, Persian and Greek literature and art.

Both theory and practice are covered in this book. Readers are given step by step instructions to test out classical techniques for raising inner energy for creative self development, for healing and preventing diseases of the mind and body, to improve the quality of your thoughts, for increasing confidence, for dispelling negativity.

Yogi Dr. Malik investigates the hand mudra. Mudra means ‘to seal’ or ‘lock’ energy. A mudra can be a hand gesture or a specific asana that seals in energy.

Hand gestures have been used for thousands of years to generate power, good energy and to influence others. Mudras have been used by Yogi to channel thoughts, in meditation and to improve the power of their ‘mind’ and ‘intellect’. They have been used globally for centuries by the Yogi of India, Buddhists and ancient Egyptians. Even the Greeks and Romans had their own special hand mudras. Today hand mudras are still used in varying contexts.

This is the definitive handbook for students, practitioners of yoga or anyone interested in mind, body spirit disciplines who want to learn more about the hand mudra. Difficult concepts are explained in easy to follow language. The book provides clear advice, tips and troubleshooting with resulting benefits derived from performance of the exercises. Beautifully designed and illustrated with over 50 exercises using colour photography and art work, the book is must-have for anyone who is serious about yoga.

The book teaches you how to boost your energy and to improve your mental performance dramatically and health generally. Practice of mudras will help you improve your powers of concentration and intuition. An overview of yoga and practical exercises are also given. Other chapters in the book cover massage and lifestyle tips such as diet, juicing recipes and tips for your kitchen.

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Padmasana is a water lilly and a beautiful flower. For centuries it has been prized not just in the Indian traditions but also by the ancient Egyptians. The lotus flower is symbolic of spirituality and love. It is used in many spiritual traditions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Yoga and was used by the ancient Egyptians for its mystical and aphrodisiac properties. The lotus flower has been used in aromatheraphy and is edible. Ointments and lotions containing lotus flower have been used for millennia.

The lotus is a symbol also of peace and Buddha, the precious one achieved enlightenment while sitting in the lotus position. Padmasana is the Sanskrit name for lotus.

Every serious practitioner of yoga will attempt to master this pose. Padmasana has been used in meditation because Yogi sages and lamas have been able to achieve high spiritual states using this pose.

This book covers in depth the history and background of the padmasana and its many different variations. Clear, concise and easy to follow approach with over 30 exercises. Each clearly explained with tips and advice on trouble shooting. The book is generously illustrated with colour photography and helpful background information on yoga, an ancient system of healing with a legacy spanning over 6,000 years.

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