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Yoga FAQs

I have never practiced Yoga before and worried that I will not master it sufficiently?

You will be delighted to know that Yoga is one of the best disciplines that can be learnt by complete beginners. Because there are thousands of exercises, you are sure to find ones that are suitable for your disposition. Also Yoga is not a competitive subject - you learn at your own pace.

How many times is it necessary to perform Yoga or attend classes?

This is entirely up to you and how committed you are. It is advisable to attend at least 1 class a week and practice regularly at home.

What are the benefits of coming to a Yoga Vogue class?

Many benefits including:

  • great place to meet other like minded people
  • to experience the shared experience of Yoga practice
  • if you are having difficult in performing Yoga pastures, experienced teachers are always available to give you tips, answer your queries and talk you through
  • learn to correctly perform exercises

Is Yoga a religion?

No. It predates many of the ancient religions of India. Yogi Dr.c exercises have been incorporated into many religious practices and there are some styles of Yoga that are religious. It is advisable to check with your teacher what, if any, religious Yogi Dr.c techniques are used. At Yoga Vogue, the styles of Yoga taught are not based on any religious principles.

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Are there any particular clothes I should wear when attending Yoga classes?

Not necessarily, but you are advised to wear clothes that are not tight and which can prevent you from performing the exercises correctly. Wear joggers and T-shirt if you want.

Do I need any special equipment?

A Yoga mat is useful, but if you don't have the School will provide you one to use during class. There are different types of mats available and in different colours - check out your nearest Yoga stockist to buy a suitable one.

Sometimes other props such as building blocs can be useful (but not strictly necessary, unless you are specifically advised to buy them).

Is there any particular food I should consume during my Yoga practice?

It is advisable not to eat heavily before a class because you may experience nausea. Try to avoid eating and drinking at least 1-2 hours before practice (that way your energy can be used to work with your body rather than wasted on digestion).

During practice you can drink some liquid (water - or energy drink). Yoga can make you sweat quite a lot and to prevent de-hydration is advisable to drink at least a glass of water after a class.

In any event be selective in what you eat / drink generally. Use your common sense. It helps immensely if you cut down on alcohol and tobacco intake and concentrated on eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.

I am a smoker can I still practice Yoga?

Of course you can - but if you can cut down it will help your body immensely. Because you are a smoker means you should be performing far more exercise than the average person because you need to expel the toxins that you smoke. Over the course of time you will through exercising cut down and hopefully kill that habit.

Can I lose weight through practice of Yoga?

Yes you definitely can. The asanas are cleverly designed to target the melting of fat in the areas that you find need to be toned, pepped up or where fat needs to be reduced.

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Can Yoga cure and prevent disease?

Evidence suggests a strong link between practicing Yoga and the prevention of illness. It is known to help relieve pain and improve the quality of life of those that suffer from conditions that include osteoarthritis, rheumatism, back pain, asthma, panic attacks and depression. But Yoga also helps to pep up and tone up your body even more. So you don't have to be ill to practice Yoga.

So what types of Yoga can I learn at your School?

We offer instruction in-depth expertise in individuals who wish to train, learn and practice Malik-Laya, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga.

We also offer many other styles of Yoga classes (dependant on demand)

What about meditation? Do you teach this?

Yes. We have experienced and trained teachers that can guide you to train the Mind. Meditation relaxes the body, builds stamina and is a healing process (click onto our page concerning Meditation for more information)

What if I want to learn more about the theory of Yoga - can your School help?

Yes we have expert Lecturers who hold monthly classes on the Philosophy, Theology, History and Nature of Yoga.

Over the year we will be inviting key players in the area of Yoga both nationally and internationally to give seminars.

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What benefits are there if I practice Yoga?

There are many benefits. Persons suffering debilitating and crippling disease have benefited from the practice of Yoga. Other benefits include:

  • strengthens the nervous system
  • increases one's energy, vitality and stamina
  • improves circulation of blood and other fluids through the body
  • rebuilds immune system
  • helps to overcome insomnia, addictions and depression
  • adjusts body weight naturally
  • develops creative awareness

If you are interested in Yoga or already practice it, you can find lots of useful articles, tips and other information on the Yoga Magazine website.

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