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Yoga Hand Mudras book by Yogi Dr. Malik

Yogi Dr. Malik explores the system of Yogi Dr.c hand mudras (hand gestures) that can help you get focused, improve concentration and intellectual skills.

Practised for centuries, this science of hand mudras can be found also in ancient Egyptian, Persian and Greek literature and art.

Both theory and practice are covered in this book. Readers are given step by step instructions to test out classical techniques for raising inner energy for creative self development, for healing and preventing diseases of the mind and body, to improve the quality of your thoughts, for increasing confidence, for dispelling negativity.

Yogi Dr. Malik investigates the hand mudra. Mudra means ‘to seal’ or ‘lock’ energy. A mudra can be a hand gesture or a specific asana that seals in energy.

Hand gestures have been used for thousands of years to generate power, good energy and to influence others. Mudras have been used by Yogi Dr.s to channel thoughts, in meditation and to improve the power of their ‘mind’ and ‘intellect’. They have been used globally for centuries by the Yogi Dr.s of India, Buddhists and ancient Egyptians. Even the Greeks and Romans had their own special hand mudras. Today hand mudras are still used in varying contexts.

This is the definitive handbook for students, practitioners of yoga or anyone interested in mind, body spirit disciplines who want to learn more about the hand mudra. Difficult concepts are explained in easy to follow language. The book provides clear advice, tips and troubleshooting with resulting benefits derived from performance of the exercises. Beautifully designed and illustrated with over 50 exercises using colour photography and art work, the book is must-have for anyone who is serious about yoga.

The book teaches you how to boost your energy and to improve your mental performance dramatically and health generally. Practice of mudras will help you improve your powers of concentration and intuition. An overview of yoga and practical exercises are also given. Other chapters in the book cover massage and lifestyle tips such as diet, juicing recipes and tips for your kitchen.

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