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YOGA IN VOGUE:  Get fit, healthy, sexy the natural way

This book uniquely and comprehensively explores hatha and kundalini yoga exercises which practitioners can incorporate into their lifestyles. With over 100 exercises generously illustrated with colour photography, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in practical yoga exercises. Step by step instructions, together with tips and troubleshooting are given. Full colour photography illustrates each exercise and there is a comprehensive introduction to each asana together with a list of benefits.


Yogi Dr. in Vogue book by Yogi Dr. Malik

Difficult Sanskrit concepts and yoga theory are explained in a clear and concise language. The definitive handbook of hatha and kundalini yoga exercises, covering everything from the practice of asanas (body postures), pranayama (breathing), an exploration of the seven major energy centres (chakras), meditation, aura and background to yoga.

The book is helpfully set out into standing, sitting, body locks, kneeling, spinal, abdominal, hand and arm, standing and head postures. All postures are explained in detail, together with step by step instructions, benefits, tips and trouble shooting.

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