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Yoga Mantras book by Yogi Dr. Malik

The power and effect of sound vibrations (Yogi Dr.c mantras) have been documented by the ancient Indian classical texts.

This subject was shrouded in secrecy for centuries and passed only through word of mouth. Yoga has withstood the tests of time and is the fastest growing mind-body-spirit discipline in the West. More and more people are selecting this discipline to dramatically improve their health and the power of their mind.

In this book Yogi Dr. Dr. Malik uncovers the history, science and art of sound which continues to be used for healing, prevention and curing of disease, increasing the beauty of the human body, for increasing the energy of the mind.

Mantras are special types of sound currents and used in yoga to boost energy. Research shows that practice of yoga may help strengthen the immune system, help improve stamina and concentration levels.

Sound (through word, chant, silent meditation and/or with musical instruments and breath) is the oldest form of communication that mankind has ever known.

Every entity on the planet communicates through sound vibrations and energy. Sound has a direct impact on our psychology. No wonder then that the ancient Yogi Dr.s incorporated sound into their practice.

Yogi Dr. Malik explains the history and background of this science of sound which is over 6,000 years old. There are different styles of chanting and meditating upon the mantra including naad, kirtan and laya yoga techniques. Here is also the anahata sounds (mystical sounds that can be heard by the inner ear) and Yogi Dr.s speak of hearing these sounds when in a state of deep ecstasy or samadhi. Patanjali, the ancient Yogi Dr. sage and who is credited as being the father of yoga writes in his classical, timeless book, ‘The Yoga Sutras’, that energy can be raised within simply through practice of one mantra ‘om’.

This beautifully illustrated book uncovers the mystery of the Sanskrit mantra and provides a unique and refreshing exploration of this timeless tradition.

The colour, high quality artwork will help you on the journey to inner peace and for balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Chapters cover the different styles of mantra practice including raag, ashtanga, bija, kundalini and the classical favourites including Om and ong. There is an exploration of other spiritual traditions that also use the mantra and plenty of advice, practical exercises and generously illustrated with inspirational artwork.

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