Yogi Dr Malik - distinguished yoga writer, Editor of Yoga Magazine, Yogi (Yoga Teacher) and founder of Malik-Yoga and Malik-Laya

Yogi Dr. Malik

Yogi Dr. Malik was born in Kashmir and was directly instructed by Yogi of the Himalayan region at the age of 6. A wandering austere Sadhu for over 10 years he received spiritual training from practitioners of other spiritual traditions too, including Lamas, Sufis and Monks. A certified yoga instructor, Yogi Dr. Malik is also a distinguished writer.

He is founder of Malik-Yoga, a style of yoga he began teaching over 20 years ago based upon the ancient traditions and instruction received from his training in the Himalayan region during his youth. The principles of this style have been lost over the decades and his aim is to reveal these ancient secrets to the public for boosting and strengthening the powers of the mind, body and spirit.

Malik-Laya yoga combines laya, hatha, and kundalini yoga together with unique meditative practices.

Yogi Dr. Malik also founded YogaVogue (school of yoga) in London and is the Editor of the International best-selling and loved YOGA Magazine and Mind, Body, Spirit magazine.

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